If you are searching for some clear answers about who God is, what He has and can do for you, we care and want you to know God in a personal way.


If you first met someone in just one hour, it would be safe to say, you don’t know them very well.  What if you met 3 others who know that person very well and tell you about him from their own experience?  Wouldn’t you begin to get a much better picture about who that person is than just a narrow one-sided viewpoint. That’s partly why God chooses to meet you, many times, through others who know Him well. A real Church is not some ornate religious cathedral, but simply a place, a gathering where you can come to know God better because you get to hear about Him.  The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the world of God.

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The Bible

If a friend allowed you to peer into her personal journal, you would immediately begin to know her far deeper than just an acquaintance.  God gives you his own personal journal and memoir of Himself to you.  It was written over the course of thousands of years through the hands of people who never met each other yet there is a mysterious tapestry and unity of their inspiration.


These 66 separate books are synonymous with each other and join together an incredible singular story which is why the word Bible simply means “The Book”. The Bible is far different than the novels you find at Barnes & Noble. This is a book that historians have used to uncover archaeological finds of the oldest known cities to mankind. This is a book that has consistently succeeded in telling what was going to happen in the future. It is a book of the past and the future, but most importantly, it is a book for the present, for now, for you. God wants you to know Him through his own personal memoir. God places much confidence in the written word that has not changed in thousands of years. As it says in the Bible “it is written…”

We whole heartedly would like to invite you to one of several Bible Studies throughout the week.

If you are brand new to church, you can check out the New Believers Class, which runs about 80% of the year on Tuesday evenings.  This study will show you all the basics of what the Bible teaches to help you see things from Gods perspective.


We believe that blessing flows from a life that is lived according to God’s will.  You can experience that for yourself.  This class circulates and is open enrolment throughout the year, so no matter when you jump in, that is the starting day for everyone.  There, by the way, is always snacks and drinks available with a lively social atmosphere.   Ask our greeters, staff pastors or any usher for more details.